Pakistani working overseas play the most important role in national economic development and Government of Pakistan has never neglected this aspect. The radical and revolutionary policies of the government are a vital proof of it. The facilities and the steps that government is providing for manpower export are really praiseworthy. Other than the government, the main helping force behind overseas manpower deploying is the Honarable Amabassdors and the High COmmissioners of the countries which need Pakistani manpower. It is only because of their valuable help and efforts that from the receipt of the demand letter from our customers till the departure of selected for the smooth visa processing.

We, ZAKS International are recently established and work like a team to avail all the facilities provided by the Government of Pakistan and the foreign Embassies, we are all expert and experienced personnel to deal with the manpower export affairs. We have developed a team culture in our company and our team is dedicated for providing the best to its clients. We do not believe in statuesque, the horizon of manpower export is limitless and we are heading to its acme.

Ghazanfer Ali Awan